Michigan Acoustic Brewery Tour 2019 Dates

2.28 Rochester Mills Beer Co. - Rochester, MI 8 PM

3.3 River's Edge Brewing Co.- Milford, MI 4 PM

3.8 Homegrown Brewing Co. - Oxford, MI 7 PM

3.15 North Center Brewing Co. - Northville, MI 8 PM

3.23 Eastern Market Brewing Co. - Detroit, MI 7 PM

3.29 Tenacity Brewery- Flint, MI 7 PM

3.30 Sherwood Brewing Company  9:30 PM

4.5 Eternity Brewing- Howell, MI 7 PM

4.11 ROAK Brewing Co. - Royal Oak, MI 7 PM



 ON TAP is an ecletic mix of my latest original tunes featuring some of Detroit's most talented musicians- Tasha Lord (vocals), Danny Kimosh (drums), Romin Grozenski (drums),Takashi Iio (bass),  Ken Pesick (bass), Jimmy Smith (trumpet), Matt Martinez (trombone), and James Hughes (saxaphone). I had a blast putting this together down at Soundscape Recording Studio with Tim Smith and these gifted artists. Can't wait for you to hear it. You can Check it out on ITUNES or come see a live show on my Michigan Brewery Acoustic Tour. Thanks for your support.

SVW Original Song "MAMA TOLD ME" Review

Sam Van Wagoner is a singer­songwriter from Detroit, MI. His sound traverses a wide spectrum of American roots music, from acoustic folk to horn­fueled R&B. Beginning his career in LA, he has traveled across the country performing. His 2015 EP On Tap features some of Detroit’s finest musicians. “Mama Told Me” shows us Van Wagoner as blues­burning front man. This is pure, American R&B with sultry back­up singers, blasting horns, fevered tambourine, and wah­wah guitar. While he does find influence in dreamboat balladeers Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, Van Wagoner presents a much grittier, soulful sound here. The guitar playing is exceptional, but the real magic comes from his vocal energy and ability to lead this well­orchestrated ensemble. - Erik Jarvis, Media Contact for MusicPage.com 

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